A.05, Work

After 15 years, I put my super expensive smartphone in the hardware closet and taken my first 90’ 10$ Dollarstore dumbphone out[Moule2022]. This device can only text, call, radio and photos with a resolution of 160*128px.

A cute Rabbit

I love it.

For my work at home I use a new tablet, which has only WLAN. No social media apps, no doomscroll. A large reader screen is good for technical literature, game developing and sometimes internet articles. No laptop, no desktop computer.

For my projects I use a Zettelkasten which is 100% offline. For my essays, texts and articles I use a Zettelkasten which is 100% online. If I write an essay or article I can fall back on the fund of my offline Zettelkasten.

My smartphone with its much too small screen and an exhausting need for attention has become useless. Bye. I hope I never see you again. I’m reading books on paper again and maybe I’ll buy a cassette recorder soon.