A.10, E-Reader

“So uh a few years (! time flies) back I wanted to get an ereader to… (e-read?) read books for cheap and not carry a suitcase of paperbacks whenever I traveled (plus a lot of other advantages. I like ebooks, they’re tiny, convenient and disposable. There are lots of books I prefer reading on paper, but I can’t deny ebooks are neat sometimes. Anyway).” [WxCafe2017]

I must have thought something similar when I bought the PocketBook InkPad 2. Unfortunately, the e-reader couldn’t inspire me for two months and ended up in the drawer of unloved hardware. I didn’t like the gray background and it was simply impossible to read pdf or scientific articles because the font was much too small. The internet was slow and apart from the RSS reader I could read almost no online publications. The books were almost as expensive as the print products and there was no color either.

Since I own tablets I wonder why e-readers are still selling. With a tablet I have everything I need. A decent screen size, color, clear pixel display. I can read books and scientific articles or magazines and have much better web performance. At some point the case of the e-reader broke and I wanted to repair it, but I never got around to it. Actually I could print out a new case with my 3D printer and see if something could be done with the RSS function. To root the device should not be so difficult now.