A.09, Books

Even though I just bought a new tablet for my work, I’m ordering more books again.

Digitization made it super convenient to buy books digitally. Online retailers simply digitized their products and offered them to the customer, i.e. me. On my e-reader or computer I could then comfortably read hundreds of books. Unfortunately, this also had disadvantages, because once I had bought a book, I could not resell it because of copy protection. If I sell a print book, no one cares. When an e-reader retailer went bankrupt or a large provider went out of business, the digital books were usually no longer readable. It’s like Steam. If that service goes bankrupt or is sold, all my computer games are gone or transferred to new contract terms. Then there is the concern that providers collect too much data about me when I read a book. I don’t want that either. e-books or pdf. have only disadvantages for me in that way. The counter-argument that it is an advantage to have a thousand books on the tablet, for example, is also not tenable. If someone steals my tablet, they are gone. Nobody comes into my house and steals a thousand books. That is simply unrealistic.

Then there’s another point. I come from a family where my parents allowed me to read any book I wanted. Any. Even if they were forbidden or on some lists. It was very important to my father that I read books objectively, freely and without bias. A person who is forbidden to read certain books will only become more interested in them. Especially children and teenagers are very curious. People who forbid other people to read certain books are weak in spirit and afraid of the pen, which is known to be stronger than the sword. And since I was born in Germany, I know the term “the burned book” very well. In recent years, I have noticed that this anti-freedom and autocratic development is spreading to various countries. Especially in America there seems to be a hostile development towards a certain genre of books[ALA2022].

Therefore, I am ordering books again to store them as a backup, because knowledge is to be protected in any case. It happens faster than you can imagine that books are burned, just like the World Wide Web is burned at the moment[Mchangama2022]. Every lost book that goes down in unwritten history is a book lost forever. Besides, books help to preserve the history of mankind and to secure its future, because no culture has managed to exist only with sword and shield. A powerful nation will teach its citizens to read and write so that it can promote its own culture and protect it from outside interference. An educated people will never fall for the sweet lies of another powerful person, because they will reject his lies for what they are: “The lies of a fearful person”. On the other hand, a powerful person will not have to worry about the love of his people, because it will come to him all by itself. It is not the powerful people who determine the culture, but the culture that determines the powerful people. This includes books.

A.09.01, My Book of Ideas

My first book of ideas has the periodic table of the elements printed on the front cover (I really need that sometimes) and I bought it in a school supplies store. It was very cheap but I liked the colours incredibly well. What is an idea book? That is very easy to explain. A book in which all ideas are written that come to your mind when you are a maker or do other handicraft projects. This can be anything and does not have to be sorted, the only important thing is the arrangement. Each idea has to be described in a very short sentence or line points. For example Port the Pico-8 colors to TempleOS or create a Mars Habitat Olympus Mons One Mission Patch in Inkscape. Also most of the articles I publish here have their beginning in my idea book. I have rules that I follow.

Otherwise there is not much more to say. The idea book helps me sort my creative brain. I also often delete ideas that I really don’t like after a few months. Some ideas may never be implemented or only after two or three years. If you do a lot of projects or you are really creative and every day ideas are coming out of your head, this book can help.